Understanding Profit -- by Charles Vander Kooi

Charles Vander Kooi
There are two concepts about profit that contractors must understand. First, profit is a payment for risk. The profit should go to those who take the risk of losing their investment and even their personal wealth. It is a reward to those who are willing to take those risks.

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About the Author

Charles Vander Kooi

Charles Vander Kooi has been involved in the construction industry for over 36 years, 15 years as an upper-management employee of companies, and 21 years as a consultant and speaker.

He has bid over a billion dollars in work over his career. As a private consultant, he has helped over 1,200 companies in their estimating/bidding systems and has lectured to over 150,000 people nationally and internationally.

Constantly in demand, Mr. Vander Kooi speaks at an average of 90 Trade Shows and Conventions each year teaching his philosophy across the United States, Canada, Latin America, England, and Australia.

He consults with an average of 50 clients annually, assisting in and improving their performance. He has authored several books to the industry and his seminars are available on audio as well as video.

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