Who Are We?

The Concrete Sherpa is a team of people that represent the experience, teaching and learning of our team members and other industry leaders on a mission to make life better for the concrete contractor. We are an idea center striving to deliver thought provoking ideas based on "Concrete Advice for Business and Life" to stimulate you to reach new heights.

The Journey Leading to the Concrete Sherpa Project

The Concrete Sherpa Project (A Sherpa is a 'guide') was born at The Concrete Network in mid 2004. Here is how it happened.

The biggest surprise, or gift, since starting The Concrete Network in 1999 has been the concrete contractor friends we've made from around the country, and witnessing the passion they have for what they do. The people include Dave Pettigrew, up in the Bay Area, or the Verlennich brothers in Minnesota, or Bob Harris in Georgia, the list goes on and on.

It's been quite inspiring, and has lead to a recent addition to the Concrete Network staff, Dan Tate (the central figure behind this Sherpa project). When asked in his interview, "How are you so excited every day about concrete?" -his answer was that it is impossible to not be excited about concrete when you have the job we do- interacting with hundreds of concrete contractors from every state in the country.

The thing we've learned about concrete contractors is that most are passionate craftsman-they are less passionate and experienced in the "office stuff". Human nature channels us to do what we are most comfortable with-learning how to use a new sawcutting tool is comfortable, learning and implementing a new estimating strategy, or job management tool, is not so comfortable.

So Sherpa was born to provide FREE and easy to use information on topics many contractors are not too comfortable with.

  • Concrete Sherpa is here to provide help to contractors who are often 'Lone Rangers' and don't have anyone to get solid business advice from.
  • Concrete Sherpa is here to provide help for contractors who have to work too hard and too many hours in their business. And one day realize they need to work on their business, not in their business.
  • Have fun with Concrete Sherpa- and go faster towards reaching success than you might have on your own.
  • To skeptics who think something free can't be valuable, or there must be a trick- visit Concrete Sherpa and decide for yourself.

We hope you make great use of the Concrete Sherpa and it helps you to become an awesome success for yourself, your family, your church, and your community.


Jim Peterson and Dan Tate
Yucaipa CA

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