What is a Concrete Sherpa?

The journey in building a successful concrete construction business is like trekking up a spiral path circling a Himalayan mountain. Often one needs a guide, and what better guide than a Sherpa, a world renowned expert on Himalayan mountaineering. The metaphor here is that the "Sherpa" prepares the way toward the "summit".

At the 10' elevation along the spiral path all one sees down in the valley is a thicket of trees: everything is trial and error; things are learned the hard way and with much grief and expense.

At the 50' elevation along the spiral path, one sees the tops of the thicket of trees- much has been learned: pain has been experienced both with employees and customers; all the wild dreams for the business are replaced by stark realities; decisions about what needs to be done gets clearer.

At the 100' elevation along the spiral path, a bird's eye view of the thicket of trees down in the valley begins to emerge: If one has made it this far the few things that really need to be done well to succeed stand out glaringly; yet the journey is hardly over- it's never over.

The hope is that ConcreteSherpa.com can provide you with some insight from an elevation or two higher vantage point than where you stand now- and help guide you to a larger level of success in a quicker amount of time than would have been possible otherwise.

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