Our disclaimer for the Block Heads in the crowd!

When it comes to concrete matters of the heart, we at the Concrete Sherpa believe in open and honest communication as the only way to do business. We strive on a consistent basis to deliver responsible advice regarding sound business practices for the concrete contractor. That's why, when it comes to sharing ways to improve your business, we think it's important that you know we stand firmly in our concrete boots ready to jump in and help. It is in that sprit, we offer the following disclosure policy. We like to call it our ideas on treating people openly, honestly, and with the best of intentions. Please feel free to muse on-we hope it helps!

The Concrete Sherpa is a team of people that represent the experience, teaching and learning of our team members and other industry leaders on a mission to make life better for the concrete contractor. Many business self help sites do not permit their workers to practice what they preach. At the Concrete Sherpa, we demand they follow our example, and wear concrete boots. We do this for many reasons.

First, we strongly desire, believe, and hope what we communicate will make a difference in your concrete business and your life; that gives us a warm fuzzy.

Second, and more importantly, we don't consider our team members to be experts in running your business, but rather great communicators, teachers, and practitioners of good sound small business practices. We at The Concrete Sherpa aim to help you through any media possible to improve your business. We aim to help all concrete contractors of all business cycles, all income levels, all backgrounds, and all concrete histories with information to better run their business in these ever demanding, ever changing, and ever fast paced times.

Finally, our concrete boots keep our employees firmly planted at their workstation increasing productivity (feel free to order a pair online @ yougottohaveapairoftheseniftyboots.com).

Internally, the Concrete Sherpa works hard to run our operations with a heart, and at the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and openness.

With that said, here is… The important stuff!

The information on this site is designed to serve our community, and our customers as fairly as possible and with the best intentions. As a user, you should remember to consider all information you receive, here at the Concrete Sherpa or elsewhere, not as a cast in concrete recommendation, but rather an idea for you to consider and ponder. Under no conditions or circumstances does this disclosure policy excuse an individual from taking responsibility for his or her own actions. It is your responsibility to use your God-given talents to exercise the proper due diligence, and critical thinking needed to ensure the continued success of your business.

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