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What is a Sherpa?

A sherpa is an expert mountaineering guide, who was originally one of the mountain people of Nepal. Sherpas were of immeasurable value to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides and porters at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes in the region.

Sherpas are renowned in the global climbing and mountaineering community for their hardiness, expertise, and experience at high altitudes. Sherpas have earned this reputation mostly because despite the value of their services, the pay is insubstantial to the point where many cannot afford the modern climbing gear that western climbers use. The most famous Sherpa is Tenzing Norgay, who accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary on the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

By extension, the word sherpa also means the personal representatives of heads of state and government. The metaphor is that the "sherpa" prepares the way toward the "summit". One or more "sherpa meetings" are generally held in preparation for summits.

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What is a Concrete Sherpa?

In simple terms a Concrete Sherpa is a Systematic Human Error Reduction and Prediction Approach to providing information to help the concrete contractor be more successful in all domains of their life, both business and personal.

Why does the Concrete Sherpa exist?

The Concrete Sherpa exists to serve the concrete contractor to improve our quality of life. Yes, we said our life, the Concrete Sherpa gets something out of this as helping others feel great!

Isn’t the Concrete Sherpa lucky!

How did you come up with the idea for the Concrete Sherpa?

The Concrete Sherpa Project was born at The Concrete Network in mid 2004. The thing we’ve learned about concrete contractors is that most are passionate craftsman — they are less passionate and experienced in the “office stuff”. So Sherpa was born to provide FREE and easy to use information on topics many contractors are not too comfortable with.

( Read a more detailed history of Concrete Sherpa. )

Why is it free?

It is free because it should be free, it needs to be free, and some things are done simply because it is the right thing to do. A purpose in life is a great gift and adventure from our Maker. We at the Concrete Sherpa want to share our gift, adventure, and ideas with others, with the intent of helping them in some way to reach their life goals and desires.

What is the Purpose of the Concrete Sherpa?

Sharing the experiences of others is the way we learn. Our desire is to share our trek up the concrete mountain so you can avoid some of the dangers along the way.

The hope is that can provide you with some insight from an elevation or two higher vantage point than where you stand now- and help guide you to a larger level of success in a quicker amount of time than would have been possible otherwise.

( Read the more detailed purpose of Concrete Sherpa. )

How often are guides added and how do you decide on content?

Based on the resources available and the fact that the majority of the site content is free we are limited to the amount of new material we can provide each month. The plan is to add 3-5 new guides each month based on our experiences and those of our clients.

The ideas for guides come from our experiences and the experiences of others both within and outside the concrete industry. We do not give cast in concrete advice—we simply share our experiences and the experiences of others, with the desire to help contractors avoid the pitfalls of growing their concrete business. If you have ideas or experiences for content please contact us and share. We cannot promise you we will write about your idea, but as always we will strive to assist you and the concrete contractor in the best way possible.

Who are the people behind the Concrete Sherpa?

The Concrete Sherpa is a team of people from the Concrete Network, that represent the experience, teaching and learning of our team members and other industry leaders on a mission to make life better for the concrete contractor. We are an idea center striving to deliver thought provoking free ideas based on “Concrete Advice for Business and Life” to stimulate you to reach new heights in your concrete business.

May I reproduce Concrete Sherpa articles?

You have unlimited right to print, distribute, and use our guides (articles). E-mail it to a friend, put it on your website, or any other ideas you see fit. You can print it and post it on a job, at your favorite coffee shop, in your office, or get creative and engrave it in concrete. Please share freely, the only things you may not do is alter it or charge for it. View our disclaimer.

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