Picturing Your Work: Tips for Hiring a Professional Architectural Photographer

Juliet Farmer
The word "photography" is derived from two Greek words, meaning "light" and "stylus" or "paintbrush," and taken together they mean "painting with light." In other words, it’s an art form. Which is why, when it comes to showcasing your work, it may be time to hire a professional photographer to capture your creativity for the world to see. After all, the products you create are your “calling card” for years to come.

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Juliet Farmer
She is a Sacramento, California-based freelance writer. In addition to writing for The Concrete Network, Farmer is also a regular contributor to several publications, including Sacramento magazine, FanFare, Wholesale Source, Bridal Sources, Smart Meetings, Physical Therapy, Southern California Physician and NurseWeek. She’s also a columnist for Inside Publications in Sacramento.

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