Lone Ranger or Team ... Which Do You Choose?

Clay S. Nelson
The days of effectively leading on a white horse, with a black mask on your face and a red bandana around your neck, are definitely over! The notion that we can operate as the Lone Ranger is acknowledged by most as something that, at the very least, is not the healthiest way to nurture and grow a company, family, or people as powerful individuals. So, why do so many of us continue to operate that way?

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About the Author

Clay S. Nelson

Growing up in Northern California, Clay Nelson’s background includes science, systems analyst, and business management. After attending San Jose State University he became a research chemist for Stanford Research Institute. From building atoms, he then moved to building buildings, spending 14 years in the contracting and real estate industry. Along the way, he realized he could offer his clients more than just buildings, and from there Clay Nelson Life Balance, a division of Consulting Services Network LLC, was born.

What sets Mr. Nelson apart from other consultants in the industry is that he has first-hand experience in commercial and residential construction, both new and remodeling. In addition to his years of experience spent as the son of a general contractor and as a general contractor himself, he brings to the table tools imbedded with a philosophy that challenges the norm. Using these tools to address key issues such as team-building and accountability, promote full and complete communication, create Life Balance and, to increase productivity and bottom-line profitability, Mr. Nelson successfully leads and supports companies and individuals in the discovery and development of a plan for “what’s next”.

Through the innovative approach taken in their programs—workshops, corporate consulting and executive coaching, retreats, tele-seminars, keynote speaking and association workshops/education seminars—Clay Nelson and his team have helped home building and trade professionals nationwide strike a balance and have a highly successful business together with an outrageous life!

Clay Nelson publishes a free monthly on-line newsletter. He is also the author of several workbook guides on the topics of Accountability, Marketing & Business Planning, and he is a contributor to both Remodeling and Custom Home Magazines.

In addition, Nelson founded Transforming America's Youth, Inc. (TAY) in August 1999. A not-for-profit organization, TAY's mission is to create and support environments of growth, challenge and unlimited possibilities for young people, their families and their schools. The curriculum upon which TAY's workshops and retreats are based comes from the work Nelson does with his individual and corporate clients; generating possibilities and solutions for any of the challenges they may face in their lives.

Mr. Nelson currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife and two children.

If you have any questions or comments please drop Clay a line at [email protected] or give him a call at (805) 682-8712.

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