Recruiting Right

J. Chris Cooper
In the concrete business, labor and concrete make up most of of your cost. Hiring the wrong person, especially to a key position, makes it costlier! You need to develop a way of hiring that will minimize this risk. Read on to find out more about recruiting the right person…

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About the Author

J. Chris Cooper

Orgpax toolkits are authored by Chris Cooper, and cover a wide range of organizational leadership topics, including planning, organizing, systematizing, tracking and facilitating.

Chris has over 30 years consulting and training experience in many countries, and is a specialist in facilitating organizational change. His professional career includes extensive work in the public sector, with not-for-profit organizations and associations, and with the primary and service sectors in general: it ranges from personal advice to leaders and board members to the orchestration of major change processes. Chris has been particularly active in the clarification of strategic business and community plans, the growth and development of companies, the restructuring of organizations for greater focus and productivity, and supporting communications and human-resource activities. He has managed many internal and external consulting teams, and has written and spoken extensively on change-related topics. He has an MA and BA from Cambridge University, is a Certified Management Consultant, a Certified Human Resource Practitioner, a Certified Chartered Secretary and is member of several professional associations. He serves on several for-profit and non-profit boards, and has previously acted as mayor and regional municipal chairman.

Chris has two decades of experience in the concrete industry, working with clients in concrete contracting, rebar, readymix, paving, cement and other specialties. He works with both private and public companies in the industry, and has facilitated the creation of many industry strategies for state, regional and national concrete and cement associations.

For the past decade Chris and his team have been producing self-help kits with “how to” advice on fixing organizational challenges. These kits are based on Chris’ exceptional hands-on experience, and take what consultants usually do (for a generous fee) and lay it out so that most people can manage for themselves. Chris is dedicated to helping people fix things: teaching people to fish rather than selling them the fish.

Orgpax Publications Inc. is the product of this powerful philosophy, and believes…
• in providing practical tool-kits so people can fix their organizational challenges themselves
• that people will make the effort to make their organizations work: provided they have a practical roadmap
• in helping people control their own change-processes, with or without outside help
• that often an ounce of common-sense is worth a generation of management science
• that bullshit doesn’t have to baffle brains
• that learning by doing is rewarding and fun
• that the experience of doing leads to growth, understanding and wisdom

Orgpax material is unique on the market, mainly because established consulting firms (who could also offer something like this) are too heavily invested in their traditional time-selling business model to want to teach their customers how to do things for themselves.

If you have any questions or comments please drop Chris a line at [email protected] or give him a call toll-free at 1-866-ORGPAX1 (674-7291).

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